Movies and TV Series Have an Impact on Emotional

The world as represented by the media:

Global warming

War in Iraq

Child soldiers in Africa

Massive unemployment in the west

Rising prices for food, rent and gas

Heart attacks, stress and cancer

Deforestation and poaching

Housing shortage

Increasing crime levels

Increasing divorce rates

Blue collar crime

Now you know why I NEVER watch the news. Does the above information affect my life? Yes if I pay attention to it. No if I FOCUS on what I desire in my life.

Okay so tell me I’m ignorant I simply have to know what’s going on to be informed and come across as an educated person that the tribe wants to do business with. Well I don’t belong to the tribe and they can do business amongst themselves thank you. Yeah I don’t even watch TV. Okay so that’s a lie. I do watch TV, but I choose very carefully. Non of that mindless sitcom, violent movies and the news. I stay focused on what I desire all the time and I find that if I watch trash I get trash! The power of what the mind exudes is still not quite analysed by the scientists yet. But it is now a fact that our thoughts send out waves just like the broadcast station. So it makes sense that what we watch affects us.

So are you going to fill your mind with more news that will get you no where?
Deforestation (my blues) is a terrible crime against the planet but the more I focus on getting rich I’m able to put my money where my mouth is and help organisations that I approove of. I’m in a position to give money which is what systems require to educate the public. But by just watching the news all I’ll see is more land laid bare, see more stories of the poor people and the animals that have no where to go. Those impressions make me sad and depressed and I don’t get to help the forest, the people or the animals. The only thing I’ve done is given the TV station another viewer. Another viewer means the TV station has another stastitic for the media buyers that place commercials. You get the drift now of how this works?

I’ll tell you something else one of my businesses is making movies. How’s that? Even more reason I should be watching the TV and the movies I’ve been told so I can see what my competition is up to! I don’t care for competition. The only thing I compete against is myself. I choose the producers I work with, I choose the kind of movie and commercials I desire to be involved with. And I’m doing just splendidly but if I watch all the negative stuff I’ll be led to believe that I must be happy to get any job, because the media and every body that pays attention to the media will tell you, work is hard to come by.

So what are you watching?

Are you sitting with your family infront of the TV watching senseless violent movies and stupid sitcoms that reinforce its okay to be stuck in a rut? Do you and yours talk about what you are watching? Is your child left to work everything out on his/her own? At least talk about what you are watching. The media is made up of hype and the news channels thrive on getting it delivered to the public as quickly as possible. Movies and commercials are thought up by other people’s minds – often only with profit in mind. Violent movies are top box revenue collectors. The more individuals that enjoy that kind of entertainment the more those kind of movies will be produced. And yes violent movies do perpertrate feelings of fear and anguish. Lets face it we get involved in the movies we watch. That’s what entertainment is about – letting go and getting engrossed.