Movies and Music

Entertainment was always the IN thing, even before we really got hi-tech and started keeping separate space for television as well as the Radio sets in our homes. We entertained ourselves in different ways. Each person had his own way of entertainment.

The very early ages found men and women dancing and singing to entertain, the dances started after dinner at sunset and went on till night, this was also one way to find prospective life partners.

A little bit of sophistication and making of societies brought all this to an end. More than this suppression of women made entertainment a different thing for men and different for women.

There were quite some numbers of avenues to entertain themselves, from visiting the professional entertainers to going hunting for a game of deer. The opportunities were many. But among all this confusion of entertainment, there was one type which never failed, and does not have any likelihood of being ignored forever.

These were the sounds smooth, enthralling, engaging as well as a feat from the person who sang or played music. Sounds, which were good clear entertainment, this entertainment had the ability to put to end all the days woes and worries and the hard work. Sounds that made it possible for quite some number to hear, the entertainment that never stopped.

Today, we have learned to include this music into another entertainment which can be made equally effective the moving pictures or movies as now these are called. Movies too had a similar effect. These provided good clean entertainment to all. The advent of movies created an upheaval in entertainment industry.

Movies and music made icons for different generations, rule fashions, make their own groups, have their own genres. From musical classics like ‘The Sound of Music’ to pure action like Die Hard series all have found their own fan base.

Regional movies and music are not far behind. Cinema from world over is being showcased at different film festival only to make it possible for people to experiment and check out their tastes in different genre of movies.

People do not have qualms any more for watching the movie by reading subtitles. Inclusion of music in movies is an age old tradition. Ever since moving pictures started music has been an integral part, in countries like India, it is the movie music that plays an important role whether the movie would be a hit or a flop.