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Movies and Story Telling at Its Best

The movie industry in the USA has delivered a forum for story-telling that is unparalleled in human history. The general public can draw from this delivery system to spend a few hours in total fantasy, or to have cultures presented and viewpoints acted out to inform and entertain.

Story-telling has always been a unique and honored method of communication and of making sense of the activities, possibilities and limitations around us. The ideas that often are lost in direct articulation, can be better understood when acted out in story form.

The USA presents a noble and free palette upon which uncensored story-telling is possible. And our free enterprise system supports and encourages the many delivery systems from which we can draw.

The time-honored movie delivery system of the public theatre is a grand example of combining entertainment and communication. Most of us have enjoyed the “dinner and movie”, allowing for an inexpensive and thoroughly entertaining evening out.

Many of us have experienced the slightly weird but thoroughly enjoyable drive-in movie. This was often an eerie experience.

Rows of cars lined up in the dark to allow for the occupants to view a common movie shown on a huge screen was the norm. The nights could be clear and warm, with the accompanying bugs and mosquitoes flying in the window. The night could offer rain or wind, adding texture to a mystery that one could never experience but at a drive-in. Fog could roll through, adding to the drama.

And the eeriness of rows of dark cars, some with brake lights on, often with a horn blaring here and there, made the trip to the restroom an adventure.

This is just another but very appealing form of story-telling such as humans have participated in since the day of Cave Men. The uniquely human activity of trying to make sense out of life, as told in story form, is probably one of the most satisfying activities available to people.

The movie rental store added a new dimension to the movie delivery system. What luxury to bring the rented movie home. One could watch the movie at leisure in the peace and sanctuary of one’s own home. The facilities are clean, the dinner preparation could become a part of the fun. The safety and security is a luxury that, 100 years ago, a King could not enjoy.

Of course, one would need to return the rented movie on time. This could add a bit of drama of its own, remembering to put the rented movie in the car on the way to work, remembering to actually drive to the rental store at some time during the day. But still, a great time was had by all.

A new and convenient movie delivery system has developed in the form of Netflix. One enters into an agreement with this company in which they will withdraw a stated dollar amount from your checking account monthly. In return, you are contracted to receive at home 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 movies, or whatever is convenient for you, at any one time.

They send you the movies you have chosen online, you watch at your leisure, and send it back in the mail. As soon as they receive the movie (usually 1 day), they return the next movie in your queue. This means you truly can watch a movie in your own time with no overdue charges. The movie is popped into the mail and forgotten.

Automated Home Theatre and Entertainment

Home entertainment just got better and cooler. If you have ever got together at your place to watch football matches or enjoy movies, you must know how irritating it is to grope around the dark for the remote control, or when the phone rings, and you have to pause the movie. Oh wait, turn on the lights so you don’t trip over yourself.

This is a thing of the past. One button is all it takes now to automate your home entertainment. With the click of a button, curtains slide, the lights dim, the LCD display and the amp turn on. To bring that zing to home entertainment and get envious looks from friends, make use of the newest home technology and make your home a smart home!

It depends on your budget and needs on how lavish and detailed you want the automated home entertainment system to be. To add sizzle to your home entertainment, you will want to consider the following ways in which you can create that wow effect for your home theater:

· Lighting
· Drapes and curtains
· Fully automated home theatre

With a lighting system at your smart home, you can have different settings for lights depending on whether you want to watch movies, sports or a television show. If you want to pause a movie and go answer the door bell, lights will switch on to illuminate your way to the door. When the movie ends, lights will come back on slowly. This type of lighting is controlled by touch-pads or touch screens that have only a few buttons.

Drapes and curtains
In a tech home, motorized curtains and drapes can be used for both the windows and screens which will slide to screen out the sunlight. This is especially good if your home theatre screen is prone to getting washed out by sun.

Critically Acclaimed And Entertaining French Films

I love watching films from all over the world. I do not really fancy films that are remade. I prefer them in their original context. Sometimes, actual meanings of phrases are lost in translation because they only make sense in the original language of the film. I have a fondness for French films because I like the language and my collection of French DVDs is testament to that.

I have over a hundred French DVDs and even some on video tape in my collection of French films. I have spent the last 2 decades adding to my foreign movie and movie poster collection. Here are is a short writeup of three of my favorite French movies.

8 Femmes
8 Femmes or 8 women, is musical comedy-mystery based on a play by Robert Thomas. From the title, you would easily guess that the movie has to do with 8 women. The movie reminds me the board game Cluedo accept that we already when the murder took place and what weapon was used.

The plot of the movie centers around the relationships of these 8 women and the master of a house who has been mysteriously murdered. What starts off as a murder mystery soon delves into various subplots as more and more secrets are exposed as everyone tries to uncover who the murdered is.

The plots explore the various relationship dynamics, greed and sexuality. One of my favorite parts of the movie is the fight between two of the female characters which ended as a make-out session on the floor. But that is not the highlight of the movie as there is yet an even better twist in the plot.

Au Revoir Les Enfants
Au Revoir Les Enfants is a very touching story about an anti-Nazi catholic priest who hides Jewish students at a catholic boarding school during the second world war in France. More importantly, it is about the bond between a particular Jewish boy and a fellow boarding schoolmate.

It also looks at perceptions, fear and bigotry in society at large. Parallels can be drawn from what happened in those times to what is happening today to many peoples.

The movie was based on the events of director Louis Malle’s very own childhood when he attended a catholic boarding school when he was 11. The memory of which remained with him every since.

Of all the French films I have watched over the years, Amélie is undoubtedly my favorite. The plot is simple yet entertaining. The protagonist, Amélie, is a shy waitress with a vivid imagination and a knack for bringing joy to the lives of others, which is where all the fun lies. However, through all her efforts in bringing happiness to others, her own happiness eludes her. The movie looks at escapism and what it takes to finally overcome it.

Art and Entertainment Then

What is art and entertainment?

Art and Entertainment is a medium which is liked by say by every person both are two sides of the same coin. The only difference it the materials for entertainment have a popular or mass appeal, it can be understood easily by commoners whereas art involves are fined sense of understanding. The, difference between Van Gogh’s paintings and a James Bond movie. One is art the other is entertainment. But the purpose of both is relaxing the mind and generating a pleasurable feeling.

Difference between art and entertainment.

Art includes paintings, poems, sculptures, installations in studios and museums. Entertainment includes Hollywood movies, television serials, theaters, circuses.
Nowadays artists are trying to do more of interactive art so that there creation can reach to all, poems are taking the form of rap songs. Contemporary art is very much interfused with everyday issues, the problems or situations a person goes through. Aphrodite is a classical Greek art. Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci is renaissance art done on poplar paper and oil paint. Pablo Picasso and Vincent Vangogh contribute to modern art. Postmodern art or contemporary art consists of Installations, Intermedia, Multimedia and Conceptual art. Brian Andreas, Allan Graham are artist of this age.

Postmodern Installations.

Installation art is a very new concept in postmodern art it is space specific three dimensional designed to transform the perception of space. Marcell Duchamp, Kurt Schwiters are father of installation arts. The Three dimensional affect of this art makes them unique from other art forms.

Passing phases of entertainment.

Man indulged in entertainment with stage plays the topics of Kings and queens, medieval dramas and folk songs. Entertainment resources shows the ways and nature of entertainment changed with time according to the changing demand of the public. Movies gain popularity with the invention of the camera. First was the silent era, only moving pictures without sound. The invention of sound recorder brought in the Talkies, movies with sound and dialogue. Latest technology is High Definition 3D movie Avatar. Entertainment is no longer limited to movies but have moved on to video gaming, internet gaming. Entertainment is an institution itself and has a business market of its own which is expanding rapidly.

Movies and Music

Entertainment was always the IN thing, even before we really got hi-tech and started keeping separate space for television as well as the Radio sets in our homes. We entertained ourselves in different ways. Each person had his own way of entertainment.

The very early ages found men and women dancing and singing to entertain, the dances started after dinner at sunset and went on till night, this was also one way to find prospective life partners.

A little bit of sophistication and making of societies brought all this to an end. More than this suppression of women made entertainment a different thing for men and different for women.

There were quite some numbers of avenues to entertain themselves, from visiting the professional entertainers to going hunting for a game of deer. The opportunities were many. But among all this confusion of entertainment, there was one type which never failed, and does not have any likelihood of being ignored forever.

These were the sounds smooth, enthralling, engaging as well as a feat from the person who sang or played music. Sounds, which were good clear entertainment, this entertainment had the ability to put to end all the days woes and worries and the hard work. Sounds that made it possible for quite some number to hear, the entertainment that never stopped.

Today, we have learned to include this music into another entertainment which can be made equally effective the moving pictures or movies as now these are called. Movies too had a similar effect. These provided good clean entertainment to all. The advent of movies created an upheaval in entertainment industry.

Movies and music made icons for different generations, rule fashions, make their own groups, have their own genres. From musical classics like ‘The Sound of Music’ to pure action like Die Hard series all have found their own fan base.

Regional movies and music are not far behind. Cinema from world over is being showcased at different film festival only to make it possible for people to experiment and check out their tastes in different genre of movies.

People do not have qualms any more for watching the movie by reading subtitles. Inclusion of music in movies is an age old tradition. Ever since moving pictures started music has been an integral part, in countries like India, it is the movie music that plays an important role whether the movie would be a hit or a flop.

Your Funny Videos and Entertainment

Are you looking for funny videos and entertainment? There so many of these types of videos on an online social utility networking sites. Social network sites cater to a lot to funny videos to attract more audience and sign ups to their websites. So it is no wonder that this is the place to go if you looking for hilarious and humorous audios and video to watch. From school humor and jokes that are captured on camera by classmates and friends are being uploaded on to their networking sites.

What else is a better way to relax than to watch funny videos and entertainment? A good dose of funny videos for your entertainment can relieve your stress and tensions after a grueling day at work. Simply relax and watch the funniest and most hilarious movie or video from an online social utility networking site and you will feel better. You can watch this humor and funny stuffs from TV network shows but you have to wait for a specific time when they air them.

But with social network sites, you simply log in to your site and you can start watching them. You have to be member of the networking site in order to be able to watch these funny videos. Once a member, you almost anything you want. Not only watching the funniest video they have on their site but you too can upload your funny videos. You may also read and receive humor and funny stuffs that other members of the site have. They are simply sent to on an instant message or you will receive them in your inbox. These things are very common nowadays on the internet.

Finding the best ways of entertaining yourself is one thing that you must have to do in order to have deviation or diversion from your daily routine. It would be a shame if you do not think of humor and funny stuffs like funny videos as your top option. While there are so many ways of getting yourself relax like a walk in the park and singing, a good laughter is one of the best ways to relax. Relaxation through laughter and humor is actually one of the recommended therapies for relaxation and to relive your tensions.

Entertainment is probably the one the favorite pastime for most people. Even my classmates and friends do always watch entertainment shows and videos. And especially the ones that are very easy to access. The easiest to access is the funny videos and entertainment online. On the internet, you will never fun out of sites that have humorous and hilarious stuffs to watch. Some are free, some you need to be a member and some you need to pay as member in order to be able to watch these funniest and humorous video online.

Most people would prefer the free sites where you can watch and entertain yourself. But the ones that are available on the membership social networks are funnier and hilarious. But still that would largely depend on your personal taste. Every individual have their own preferences and likes, so it will always depend on what type and kind of laughter and humor you would watch.

The bottom line is funny videos and entertainment is the thing that can make you relax and relieve your tensions from your grueling days. And whether you sing up on a social networking site or simply watch them on TV do not really matter. As long as you got your funny videos for your entertainment is the main thing. Just remember when you are feeling and out, watch some humor and funny stuffs like funny videos online or on your favorite television channel.

Are There Any Differences In Quality Between Combination Or Standard Blu Ray Movies

While the introduction of combination DVD and Blu Ray movies on one disc has been slow, such discs are now starting to show up on store shelves. As such, when one buys a combination DVD and Blu Ray discs, one can play such titles both now and in the future. Of course, in doing so, one also prevents having to purchase titles which one may already own on DVD.

In fact, one may even want to purchase titles which one may already own on DVD. As such, one may want to locate a local audio video retailer who buys, sells and trades such media. In addition, as many individuals have not as of yet converted to more advanced technology, one can often pick up a small amount of cash through such transactions.

Still, one may also want to know more about Blu Ray and how such technology works. As such, the term is used to define the blue laser used to read the disc. This is one reason new combination movies have one film on one side and one on the other, so that the DVD player can read both sides. As such, although one may only have a DVD player now, one may want to consider investing in such combination discs in the future.

As such, if one wants to receive the quality which such players were designed to provide, one may want to rent or purchase such movies. For, while DVD movies play on such players, quality can at times be lost during standard DVD playback. Still, one is going to receive better performance overall than with a standard player, even when playing standard DVD titles.

Of course, while fairly new in the marketplace, such technology has actually been in development for several years. For, although the original release came in 2001, improvements are still being made nine years later. As such, while one may still be seeing a limited number of titles, more are expected to be released once new 3D technology becomes more popular over the next several months.

Of course, new 3D television technology has focused on Blu Ray as being the primary player for such a system. Also, as one can now watch movies on game consoles, laptops, telephones and televisions, one has quite a choice about where and when to watch such films. However, while there are some Blu Ray titles for sale on the open market, most often one is going to find a wider selection at a local video rental store or through an online video rental service.

So, while there have been a great many movies released to date, one can expect many more in the future. For, most likely when the demand for such Blu Ray discs and movies increase, so too the titles available. However, one can often find a wider variety of titles at rental stores than most retail ones at the current moment.

Ways To Find Your Favorite Cult Movies

Whether they’re hideous, hilarious, or just plan hard to stop watching, cult movies-over-the-top or quirky movies that develop an obsessively loyal fanbase over the course of generations-can provide some of the most memorable and entertaining connections with cinema that any kind of movie watching experience has to offer.

Even though many of these classics enjoy their status in the absence of box office success or critical acclaim, they offer something else-the opportunity to have a uniquely personal experience with a piece of American pop culture that is often shared with friends, family, or even strangers. How many times have you and your brother driven the family crazy at Christmas quoting favorite lines from “Office Space”, for example? Or did your now-husband decide he was in love with you when he realized that you were the only girl he had ever dated who thought that “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” was just as hilarious as he does?

If you’re looking for ways to find more airings or public screenings of your favorite cult movies, discover “new-to-you” cult movies or add to your permanent cult collection, these 5 tips can help you successfully connect with some of the best cult movie opportunities available:

One: Get connected with your local movie houses.

If you know of movie houses in your area who sometimes do special screenings of “old” movies, sign up for their newsletter or join their loyalty program or fan club. Not only will you get updates about upcoming events delivered straight to your in-box, you’ll also be the first to find out about deals, specials, and other perks that come from having preferred guest status.

Two: Get creative with your “search” button.

Your favorite cult movie may or may not pop up on the recommendations that your cable company or streaming video services provide, so be sure and use this feature periodically to see if there is a upcoming or current showing of a movie you’ve had a hankering to see. Why? Because sometimes these kinds of more obscure titles can get “hidden” beneath the first few layers of titles that are suggested to you when you log in, or when you look at your tv service’s “guide” function.

Three: Check out your local dine-in movie theaters.

“Dine-in movie theaters” are movie houses that serve chef-driven cuisine, craft beer and creative cocktails, are growing in popularity with each passing year because they offer such an incredible movie watching experience. It’s not uncommon for these movie houses to offer special screenings featuring non-first-run selections, so be sure and follow them on social media (or sign up for email communication, see tip one) to find out when they are having a special event. You never know, the next one might just be your favorite cult movie ever, or a cult movie that’s “always been on your to-do list” but that you haven’t yet gotten around to watching.

Four: Visit your local CD/DVD store.

If you live in or near a big city, the chances are that there are a few non-big-box-retailer places where you can buy movies and music on DVD or CD (and maybe even vinyl albums). These stores are often excellent places to find cult movies both dear-to-you and new-to-you-and even if the store doesn’t have the title you’re after, one of the staff members may be able to give you a lead on where to find it.

Dish Network is the Ultimate Source for Information

Dish Network can be a great resource for your family for all of your entertainment and information needs. In fact, Dish Network specifically designs each of it’s entertainment packages to have a balance of entertainment, news, and educational programming. This is true from Dish Network’s economical Dish Family package all the way up to the Platinum Level High Definition Television package, and everywhere in between.

Most subscribers looking for the category of entertainment packages which fall in between will be most interested in Dish Network’s America’s Top Entertainment Packages, which come in sixty, one hundred twenty, and one hundred eighty channel versions. America’s Top 60 Entertainment Package is a great introductory satellite TV plan that includes channels like The Weather Channel, MTV and MTV2, the Discovery Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, ESPN, CNN, The Learning Channel, and many many more. America’s Top 120 Entertainment Package builds on America’s Top 60 with favorites such as Univision, BET, MSNBC, the Speed Channel, PAX TV, Fuse, Discovery Health, the FOX News Channel, and more. America’s Top 180 Entertainment Package adds on Style, Great American Country, The Biography Channel, Discovery Home and Leisure, National Geographic, VH1 Classic, Nick Toons, and a whole slew of Encore movie channels.

If you and your family love movies, America’s Everything Pak could easily be the perfect entertainment package for you. It has all one hundred and eighty channels from America’s Top 180, but thirty additional channels that comprise the STARZ! Super Pak and Showtime Unlimited as well as HBO and Cinemax. America’s Everything Pak is a great choice for the family who wants the best of everything and plenty of great movies and entertainment options without taking the High Definition Television plunge.

If you are ready to move up to High Definition Television, there’s no better television service provider to do it with than Dish Network. Dish Network provides more High Definition channels than any other television service and provides a High Definition receiver at no extra charge when you sign up for an HD entertainment package. DishNetwork High Definition receivers can handle television in High Definition formats as well as standard definition format and come with all of the other great features you expect from a Dish Network receiver. Dish Network’s High Definition entertainment packages start out at the Bronze level which offers twenty five HD channels (more than the competition at any level) and eighty standard definition channels. The Silver level provides the same twenty five High Definition channels, but with two hundred standard definition channels. The Gold level adds on High Definition channel- National Geographic HD- and forty more standard definition channels. The Platinum level keeps all two hundred and forty standard definition channels, but adds three more High Definition ones- STARZ! HDTV, HBO HD, and Showtime HD. In addition, local channels are often available in High Definition for a small extra fee.

Dish Network also provides additional programming to help you customize your entertainment package. Die hard sports fans will love regional sports networks as well as the ability to add seasonal sports subscriptions like MLB Extra Innings, ESPN Game Day, and NBA League Pass. Local channels are often available and are a great way to keep up with what’s going on where you live as well as providing access to mainstream network programming. SIRIUS satellite radio gives you even more entertainment options as does Pay Per View. International programming in nineteen different languages provides even more options.

Movies and Entertainment

A documentary film is one of several creative modes, including narrative fiction and experimental avant-garde. Documentaries have a purpose, viewpoint and approach, and evolves from the formative process – as either scripted or spontaneous. Documentaries are limited to reality or actuality.

Most of the production requirements for documentaries refer to the fact that there are no sets, actors are not used, and real people, not actors, play themselves.

Documentaries have been credited thrpoughout history for having a huge impact on cultural meanings. Many film schools worldwide teach the art of documentary filmmaking. The schools and classes teach understanding the fundamental aesthetic tools of documentary filmmaking such as camera operation, sound, structure, and also the interview.

Classes will often include exercises leading to the production of a documentary film project, so that the students can learn directing and producing skills as well as learn the various types of documentary.

There are always issues that students as well as the teachers deal with in documentary filmmaking having to do with the development of ideas, preproduction and the actual production.

the students in documentary film classes view segments of videos that represent major trends in the history of documentary film making. Usually there are guest film makers who lecture in the courses to mentor and provide supplementary education.

Documentaries are a very challenging form of filmmaking, that often stir up controversies. Historically, the genre begins with the earliest films of the Lumière brothers known as ‘actuality films” – ending with the latest postmodern explorations. Classics include Flaherty, Grierson, Riefenstahl, Rouch, Vertov, and Wiseman, along with contemporary works. The documentary film course examines how shifts in social and political realities, changing technology, as well as the personalities and talents of individuals continually re-define what the term documentary means. Ethical as well as aesthetic issues are also of consideration.

Documentaries often present challenges for cinematographers who usually must work alone or in small crews. They must learn how to capture beautifully-framed, meaningful footage during low budgeta and often chaotic circumstances that usually surround the film shoot. There’s typically an emphasis on shooting cinema verité and lighting with a very small crew. Some aspects of the digital camera are shared with students as they work.

Documentary films are also a very popular art form. Awards shows have a place for documentaries and many are covered often by movie critics, as evidenced in as early as 1942, when there were four winners including: The Battle of Midway; Kokoda Front Line; Moscow Strikes Back; and Prelude to War. In 2009 a recent documentary film on military medicine – Fighting for Life is expected to win awards.